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Holidays in the countryside are a great way to escape the pressures of everyday life. Most of us know that nature is amazing for relaxation, however often we are trapped in concrete jungles surrounded by the hustle and bustle of our technological, industrial and over stimulating age. But if we, even when we are surrounded by traffic and a jostling crowd, can find a park or canal – we can feel some tranquillity and some relief from this chaos.


Being in and around nature, whether it’s a gentle stroll through the woods or a lazy riverside picnic, can reduce anger, fear, stress and anxiety, and research has shown that nature improves our mood and boosts endorphins increasing feelings of happiness and wellbeing. We know that the fresh air is good for our health and the rest and rejuvenation we experience can alter our mindset, improve our mood and stimulate better cognition and memory function.

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There are so many ways to experience the great outdoors and many country parks are now fully accessible. A brisk country walk / wheel with friends or by ourselves can help us release tension, practice mindfulness, and if we take a camera with us, (all hail the smart phone!), we have the added bonus of capturing some natural beauty along the way.


Gemma, our Travel Director, loves a good long walk in the countryside, she has even signed up to do a 100k walk this summer overnight across two days! – She’s very courageous!!  Atma, our Yoga practitioner and PR Manager, loves nothing more than the exquisite feeling of stretching in the sun. Practicing yoga outdoors grounds her, bringing her a sense of peace and connection. Nicola, our Creative Director, loves painting outdoors surrounded by natural inspiration, she also took a group of young people song writing last week in to the middle of some beautiful parkland, where the sense of freedom increased the creative flow. Matina, our Managing Director, loves travelling. In fact she just returned from Greece, where she sourced new amazing accessible accommodation and activities.

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Staying in a country cottage or lodge, surrounded by the calmness of the country is a perfect opportunity to explore nature and thankfully, there are a multitude of accessible options available. We are continuing to add more accessible properties across Europe and the UK that bring you closer to nature. We also have some brilliant walking and hiking guides that can take you on a leisurely stroll through green pastures or a ‘full-on’ hike into the wild.


We passionately believe in bringing you the best holiday experiences and our Individual Travel Profile ensures that we place you in the perfect environment for your needs and travel wishes. From the answers you give us we can make sure your voice is heard and that, not only are your needs met, but you have an incredible, memorable and enjoyable time away.


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