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One of my most memorable holidays was to Norfolk. I went there with my family and we stayed in a lovely three-bedroom cottage. The cottage was right next-door to a lighthouse, which was so cool! I visited the lighthouse, which was an amazing experience. At the top, I could see for miles around.

If you enjoy history, like me, Norfolk has so much to offer. There are national trust houses, a cathedral and castles with interesting portraits of famous people that used to live there. I also visited the zoo to see one of my favourite animals – Lemurs! I love how Lemurs can hang from the branches by their tails!!!  I also went to Happisburgh where I met Timber (the owl in the picture). Timber is an Ural Owl native to Europe and Northern Asia. Timber is hand reared and really friendly.

My holiday could not have been complete without a swim in the sea. Although it was cold at the time, I did dare to go for swimming, but unlucky for me, I bashed my leg on a rock. Thankfully, I recovered quickly and was able to enjoy the rest of my holiday.

After a busy day I liked coming back to the cottage and playing board games. Having board games in the cottage is really important to me because I can get bored easily! I like playing chess and playing a card game called Gin Rummy with my family.



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