Drama Activities

Using creative techniques involving elements inspired by theatre, drama activities offer wonderful opportunities for expressing your inner thoughts while having fun!



Drama activities use a number of fun theatrical techniques, such as storytelling, role-play, improvisation, script interaction and performing, to bring about psychological, emotional and social changes.


Ideal for

Drama activities are ideal for individuals, families or groups and people of all ages and abilities.


Physical Benefits

Through fun, creative techniques, Drama activities can help people improve their physical well being by setting specific goals for self growth.


Mental Health Benefits

Drama activities can help people improve their skills in social interaction, reciprocal communication, emotional perception, creative thinking and other domains.



Each session is different and its content, duration and location depends on the goals, aspirations and preferences of the individual or group. Often our facilitators use a combination of individual and group sessions as well as different styles of delivery to enhance the experience.



Our facilitators use a gentle, friendly, creative and engaging approach.


Skill Level

Dramatherapy can be practiced by everyone. No prior knowledge or experience is required and sessions are tailored according to the preferences and needs of each individual or group.


Customizing your Holiday

Our innovative method for creating your Personal Development Profile ensures that we understand your goals, preferences and expectations for self growth so as to develop a program that will suit your needs.

Dramatherapy can unlock your imagination and take you in a fun journey of self exploration.
Using creative techniques, Dramatherapy offers wonderful opportunities for expressing your inner thoughts while having fun!
Dramatherapy in nature is fun and has numerous physical and psychological benefits.


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