Metsovo, An Authentic Escape in Northern Greece

Metsovo is a traditional village in Epirus situated in the mountains of Pindus in Northern Greece made entirely out of wood and stone. The authentic traditions and customs of the region, the organic produce and enchanting landscapes will revive your senses and take you to a magical journey.

  • Best Time to Visit Sensory Traveller Holidays

    Best time to visit

    The best period to visit Metsovo is during the summer months when nature is at its best and the warm weather creates a delightful atmosphere for exploration in a quiet and relaxing environment. During winter, Metsovo welcomes skiers from all over the world to enjoy the beautiful white mountain tops.

  • History Sensory Traveller Holidays


    Metsovo’s rich and long history, sophisticated gastronomy and complex cultural identity, is showcased in the numerous exhibitions and events taking place throughout the year. Built entirely out of wood and stone, Metsovo is one of the most famed traditional settlements in Greece.

  • Experience Sensory Traveller Holidays


    In and around Metsovo there are numerous fun activities to choose from such as hiking, trekking, kayaking, horse-riding, visiting museums and art galleries or just enjoying the local cuisine and locally produced wine.

  • Hospitals Sensory Traveller Holidays

    Hospitals & Health Centres

    The nearest health center is 1.6 km (5 minutes drive) from the heart of Metsovo. The General Hospital of Ioannina is 48.8 km (43 min drive) from Metsovo. Also, local doctors respond to emergencies 24/7.

  • Ideal For Sensory Traveller Holidays

    Ideal for

    Metsovo is ideal for those who love nature, history, good food and authenticity. Whether you are travelling solo or with your family and friends, you can have a unique experience geared to your preferences.

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    Near by

    Metsovo offers a great base for exploring the surrounding areas filled with sites of historical and religious significance such as the ancient theatre of Dodoni or the beautiful rock formations at Meteora home to numerous monasteries built on top of the rock pillars.

  • Sightseeing Sensory Traveller Holidays


    The Evangelos Averoff Art Gallery, the local Museum of Folk Art and the numerous workshops in the area offer wonderful opportunities to meet the rich history of Metsovo. Also, at the village you will find the beautiful church of St Nicholas.

  • Travel Information Sensory Traveller Holidays

    Travel Information

    The main two airports near Metsovo are the Ioannina National Airport (approx. 50min drive) and the Thessaloniki National Airport (approx. 2h 30min drive). There are various transportation options available ensuring a safe and seamless journey at your destination. For more information please contact us.


Discover Metsovo on a photography tour

The beautiful Metsovo village is built entirely out of wood and stone preserving the local traditions.
The breathtaking views at Vikos Gorge provide a unique opportunity to admire the beauty of the Epirus region.
The beautiful Meteora rock formations are home to the magnificent 14th century monasteries built by hermits.



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