A recent report issued by the Association for Science Education (ASE) concluded that outdoor learning was necessary when teaching science. Outdoor learning provides pupils with a primary experience to build on classroom ideas. This enables pupils at any key stage to engage with the subject on a deeper level. SENsory Educational Visits complement knowledge gained within the classroom, as for example in:

Numeracy Geography
Science Design & Technology
English Literature Art
Computing Citizenship Trips
History Religious Studies


You can choose from a wide range of excellent venues, sites and experiences that will help your pupils develop a love for learning.

Attention to Detail!

We are detail oriented but we also pay attention to the bigger picture! We always ensure that your groups are safe and that everyone has a memorable experience.

  • Dedicated, Specialised Team
  • Inspected Accessible Sites
  • Risk Assessments
  • Resource Packs
  • First aid on site and/or details of the nearest hospitals


We tailor each visit to your pupils’ requirements. We provide accessible venues, sites and activities and we ensure that every member of your group will have a unique experience.


We provide quality, fully licenced, serviced and adapted vehicles. Drivers are fully licenced and insured, with a lot of experience. We can provide a wide range of vehicles depending on your group’s size and requirements.

Sensory Traveller Holidays

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