An inspiring group holiday at Aliathon Resort in Paphos, Cyprus.

We all get caught up with our daily routines, studying, working and being indoors or online. We forget the wonderful effects of nature and the positive benefits it has on our wellbeing. This holiday gave us a fantastic opportunity to connect with nature and people and to discover new ways of expression. Doing Yoga, Mindfulness and Dramatherapy in nature was a great experience for the whole group!

Although returning back to our routine seemed a trivial task, we all had a warm feeling in our hearts. We also had a beautiful piece of art to remind us of our unique experience and a great report that our facilitators produced to remind us of the sessions and to give us guidance for the future. It was a fantastic experience that I would recommend to everyone!

121 Yoga Session Sensory Traveller Holidays

A yoga session at the beautiful Aliathon Resort gardens!

Mosaics Workshop Sensory Traveller Holidays

Creating mosaics with a renowned artist in Paphos!

Paphos Mosaics Sensory Traveller Holidays

Visiting the famous mosaics at Paphos Archaeological Park.

Dramatherapy Sensory Traveller Holidays

A fantastic Dramatherapy session!

Yoga on the Beach Sensory Traveller Holidays

Our amazing Yoga session at the beautiful Paphos beach!

Dramatherapy Session Sensory Traveller Holidays

Dramatherapy by the pool!