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OK To Travel Ltd was setup to provide specialist travel insurance for travellers with pre-existing medical conditions. Any type of medical condition up to a high level of severity can be covered (even if there is a terminal prognosis providing it is more than 6 months from date of return). OK To Travel can offer cover for single trips and also annual multi-trip policies for frequent travellers.

OK To Travel Ltd is registered in England number 7853619, Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) number 570432. OK To Travel Ltd is an Appointed Representative of Freedom Insurance Services Ltd, registered in England number 4399749 and authorised and regulated by the FCA number 306536.


OK To Travel Service

OK to Travel Service policies are available online and via their in-house UK call-centre. They pride themselves on taking the hassle out of arranging cover in one short telephone call or visit to their website www.oktotravelinsurance.co.uk. The OK To Travel team are very experienced in dealing with travellers with medical conditions and are trained to handle calls in the utmost confidentiality with empathy, friendliness and good humour – as well as professional proficiency.

They also are very proud that they are able to offer full medical cover to lots of travellers who could not obtain this elsewhere due to their age or an adverse medical history. Many travellers would not feel safe travelling abroad without their insurance protection to call on if something goes wrong.


OK To Travel Insurer

The insurer of OK To Travel Ltd’s policies is European Insurer, Union Reiseversicherung AG (URV), part of Germany’s largest banking group, Versicherungskammer Bayern Group (VKB Group) who have extensive experience in travel insurance worldwide. Their global network enables URV to offer a quick and efficient response to emergency medical claims anywhere in the world. Once the claim has been reported, they take over full management of the case, dealing direct with the hospital and the patient, liaising with relatives in UK and arranging repatriation when medically appropriate.

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