Sensory Traveller is a specialised Tour Organiser company based in Lincoln, United Kingdom. We provide quality, bespoke, accessible holidays combined with activities that integrate elements from various types of expressive therapies (e.g., Dramatherapy, Music Therapy, Therapeutic Photography).

Our vision is to build an inclusive society by shaping a universal design across all aspects of the tourism and hospitality sector, by embracing the diversity of travellers.

Our innovative service utilizes the skills, experience and knowledge of a multidisciplinary team of experts (psychologists, therapists, artists, tourism and hospitality specialists) to provide bespoke holiday and self growth activity programmes.

The aim of our service is to limit challenges associated with travelling transitions and to promote self growth, enhance well-being and support our clients to explore the world.

Our small, friendly and approachable team will help you create the holiday of your dreams! Get in touch!

Atma Kaur Sensory Traveller Holidays

Atma Kaur

Relationships Director | Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher
+44 (0) 1522 837248

Gemma Sensory Traveller Holidays

Gemma Hackney

Travel Director
+44 (0) 1522 837250

Matthew Shier Sensory Traveller Holidays
Matthew Shier
Office Administrator & IT Consultant

Jo Tolley Sensory Traveller Holidays
Jo Tolley
Accessible Environments Consultant / Writer & Public Speaker

Matina Tsiora
Managing Director
+44 (0) 1522 837262

Travelling is an integral part of life that positively impacts our wellbeing. While for most people planning and experiencing a holiday requires minimal effort, it can be more challenging for people requiring accessibility. With this in mind, and being around like-minded people who share the same vision and have complementary expertise in this area, we decided to join forces and embark on a journey of creating a service that would enable travellers requiring accessibility to enjoy mainstream holiday destinations while creating opportunities for self-growth through fun leisure activities. Achieving positive impact requires vision, flexibility and passion. Sensory Traveller is all about embracing the diversity of people, ideas and opinions and creating solutions that support people wanting to access the world. Innovation is our passion, collaboration our method! ~ Dr Matina Tsiora

Sensory Traveller Holidays

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