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Sensory Traveller Freelance Arts Facilitators and Arts Sector Partner Organisations

Can you provide arts workshops for participants with a range of abilities and access needs?

Join a host of world class Arts Organisations as they journey with us to make the Arts more accessible for all.

Our Sensory Traveller Holidays are bespoke in nature, working with the client, we establish how this holiday might meet their individual needs. For many people with access needs finding suitable accommodation is only one barrier to a great holiday. Many people have difficulties in accessing activities, leisure facilities, retreat spaces where all their additional needs can be understood and catered for. This is why Sensory Traveller is partnering with Arts Organisations and Facilitators across the globe to ensure they have access to the best arts and therapeutic activities, facilities and self-growth experiences.

We have great destinations across the world, with many more on the way, so, wherever you are based, if you have the experience and passion – please get in touch.

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