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Yoga is for every kind of body

by Atmashant Kaur | Yoga Facilitator

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Yoga practice includes concentration, breathing and movement. Yoga practice is effective for people of all ages and abilities. A Yoga class at Sensory Traveller is adapted to each individual’s requirements and can be used as an alternative relaxation therapy.

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Yoga reduces stress & anxiety

People with access needs may experience more anxiety due to the demands of the environment around them. There are a lot of breathing exercises in yoga that can be practiced independently or with poses and that once mastered can be used in everyday life to help reduce stress and anxiety.

Yoga Sensory Traveller Holidays

Relaxation, new friends & confidence

In just a few sessions, you can discover how Yoga can help you be mindful of your body, your breath and enable you to meet new people.  In a Yoga class everyone is supported to feel relaxed, confident and happy and to inspire each other to see the world from a new perspective.